May 15th is International Conscientious Objectors Day – a perfect opportunity to take some time to contemplate and appreciate the value of conscientious objection (CO). The very process of applying for status as a conscientious objector challenges the institution of war. 

Every CO application that is filed by a service member in the US military compels a conversation about the morality of war to take place within the military chain of command. Inevitably, high-ranking officers face for themselves the moral questions about war and violence being raised by the applicant. 

Even before a discharge is granted, seeds of peace and justice are being sown!

As powerful as that is, a CO application doesn’t only plant seeds, it regularly reaps a harvest.  

Each successful CO discharge is a concrete, measurable victory for peace. These victories fortify us all to continue the struggle to end war, increase justice, and build a more peaceful world…one ex-soldier at a time.

As the only national organization whose focus is on supporting conscientious objectors, the Center on Conscience & War (CCW) fills a unique and essential role. Members of the military, faced with a moral conflict about their participation in military service or war, turn to CCW for assistance in seeking discharge as a conscientious objector. CCW stands with the service member, advising them, advocating for them, and counseling them on their rights so they can fully advocate for themselves, every step of the way. 

Please share in these triumphs of peace and make a gift in support of our work today and in honor of International Conscientious Objectors Day.

Thank you.The staff of the Center on Conscience & War

Stopping war…one soldier at a time.