Position on Military Service

Christians are called to be peacemakers. No sane person wants war. Yet history and political conditions indicate that war in this fallen world is inevitable. There are biblical arguments for and against adhering to a pacifist position regarding military combat. The Salvation Army upholds the right of the individual to take either position regarding participation in military combat. Christians hold to an earnest desire for worldwide peace, and yet many will see it as their duty to participate in military service to bring about that end.

It is important for Christians to thoroughly consider the moral and spiritual principles regarding war in making a decision about military service. The Salvation Army affirms those who conscientiously choose to serve or to refrain from serving, or to serve in a non- combatant role. In times of military conscription, those who object to military service on principled grounds are counseled to follow legal means in finding alternative service. All Salvationists should do their part in promoting worldwide peace.

(Approved by the Commissioners' Conference, October 1999)

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