We believe that civil government is ordained of God for the welfare of society to promote and protect the good and to restrain and punish evil. Therefore we consider it the duty of Christians to pray for rulers and for those that are in authority over them and to give due loyalty, respect, and obedience to them. Where the demands of civil law would militate against the supreme law and the will of God, Christians should obey God rather than man (Dan. 4:17; Rom. 13:1-4; Pet. 2:13,14; 1 Tim. 2:14; Titus 3:1; Matt. 22:17-21; Acts 4:19, 5:29).

We believe that the teaching of the Scripture enjoins believers to love their enemies, to do good to them that hate them, to overcome evil with good, and inasmuch as possible, live peaceably with all men. Therefore, we conclude that it is not fitting for the Christian to promote strife between nations, classes, groups, or individuals.

We recognize that sincere Christians have conscientious differences as to their understanding of the teaching of the Word of God with reference to their responsibility as Christian citizens to human government both in times of war and times of peace. We therefore exercise tolerance and understanding and respect the individual conscience with regard to participation in war.

We further urge upon all the responsibility of searching the Scriptures with open heart and mind that their position may truly be one of Christian conviction and not of expedience.

Pastors are advised to instruct their churches and particularly their youth, on the teaching of the Scriptures regarding war and its evils, and to seek to give guidance in the Word to those subject to call in the service of their country (Matt. 5:43,44; Rom. 12:20,21; Rom. 12:18; Rom. 13).

(From the Constitution of The Missionary Church)
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