Regulations and Laws on Military Draft Registration (Selective Service) by State

Driver’s License Linked to Registration? Yes, must be registered to receive license, permit, or identification card.

Registration Linked to Access to Higher Education? Yes, must be registered in order to be enrolled in state funded institutions of higher education.

Registration Required for State Employment? Yes, must be registered for state employment.

The South Dakota legislature passed HB 1091 in early 2002, which requires all eligible applicants for a driver’s license to be in compliance with the SSS registration.  The submission of the application for a license indicates compliance with registration requirements or constitutes consent for the state to forward necessary information to the SSS for registration purposes.  “The department shall notify the applicant on the application that his submission of the application serves as his consent to be registered with the Selective Service System if so required by federal law.” (South Dakota Codified Laws 32-12-17.12.)  South Dakota also requires registration as a precondition for employment (South Dakota Codified Laws 3-1-1.1) and enrollment in state institutions of higher education.  (South Dakota Codified Laws 13-53-1.1)