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The CCW public education program is vital to the continued effectiveness and life of the organization. CCW is committed to:

  • providing information on the theological, historical and legal dimensions of conscientious objection and military conscription;
  • providing information on how to document one’s convictions as a conscientious objector;
  • providing draft and military counselor training;
  • alerting the public to proposed changes in regulations and legislation affecting conscientious objectors;
  • serving as an international resource center for documents relating to military conscription and conscientious objection;
  • assisting youth to decide what they believe about participation in war and military service;
  • documenting and reporting human rights violations arising from military service and conscientious objection.

The primary vehicles of public education are the following:

The Reporter for Conscience’ Sake

The Reporter is CCW’s quarterly newsletter designed to inform readers about national and international developments in the areas of conscientious objection, militarism and human rights. It is sent to all donors. An online version is also available.


CCW produces accurate and detailed information pieces on conscientious objection, draft registration, and other related topics. These publications help youth and others make informed decisions about draft registration and participation in warfare, and offer advice on dealing with these complex issues. They are a fundamental part of CCW’s program of outreach and education.

  • Draft information available from the Center on Conscience & War
  • Military information available from the Center on Conscience & War
  • Other resources available from the Center on Conscience & War

The CCW Network

The primary source of grassroots support for CCW programs is the emerging CCW Network. The Network consists of some 400 individuals who have agreed to support CCW and COs by (a) responding to Urgent Action requests, and (b) conducting local education. Network members have generated some 250 letters supporting the defunding of Selective Service and draft registration and Latin American COs Luis Gabriel and Cesar Barrios.

Outreach to Religious Bodies

CCW outreach efforts to religious bodies have consisted of participation in conferences, article writing, and membership in related religious organizations. Among the organizations and associations CCW is affiliated with are: (a) CPS reunions, (b) The Fellowship of Reconciliation, (c) New Call to Peacemaking, (d) COPRED, (e) denominational gatherings, and (f) Prisoner Visitation and Support.

We are expanding our outreach through participation in interfaith conferences, regional gatherings of clergy, and youth forums. We are expanding our outreach to African-American, Hispanic and other groups not sufficiently represented by CCW, seeking their active membership and participation in the organization.