As Christians we share responsibility for how our tax dollars are spent. Though it is true that no one is totally pure of social sin, some feel compelled to take action to reduce their culpability. The choices are many and often difficult. Tax resistance, or some form of tax protest, is one option many have chosen. For many that is just a starting point.

Though it is not the policy of Pax Christi USA and the Pax Christi USA Center on Conscience and War to promote tax resistance as such, we do feel it deserves consideration, respect, and support as a very important form of opposition to modern war. Certainly those who have taken their stand against participation in the armed forces will want to consider this additional form of conscientious objection.

(From Conscience and Tax Resistance, Reflection Guide Series #4, January 1985). For further information, contact: Pax Christi USA Center on Conscience and War, 532 W. 8th Street, Erie, PA 16502-1343;;