The Center on Conscience & War is a non-profit organization that advocates for the rights of conscience, opposes military conscription, and serves all conscientious objectors to war.

Military COs

Have you become a CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR since enlisting in the US Military? We can help.


Concerned about SELECTIVE SERVICE registration? Or, maybe you're thinking about ENLISTING in the military?

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Military COs that CCW has helped

Attention Military Servicemembers

If you’re in the US military and are interested in seeking discharge or reassignment as a Conscientious Objector, we can help. We’ll work with you to navigate the complex admin process. Our services are free of charge. If you’re facing deployment, don’t wait to call us at 800-379-2679.

Military COs that CCW has helped

CCW Marks 80 Years of Service to Conscience with Virtual Celebration and Launch of New Press History

 Come to our virtual 80th Anniversary on Zoom! Saturday, October 3: 5 p.m. EDT/2 p.m. PDT Eighty years ago this week, as Europe was battling the Nazis and the...

Are you or a loved one in the military and having concerns about being mobilized to patrol the Black Lives Matter demonstrations?

You are not alone! We are here to support you and make sure you are able to stay safe and stay true to your conscience.

CCW Brief on Commission’s Final Report

Just as the world began to shut down, the Commission on Military, National, and Public Service released its final report, with 49 detailed recommendations to...

Witnessing the Power of Conscience

Maria Santelli’s TEDx Talk, Binghamton University. Maria is the Executive Director of the Center on Conscience & War.

Support Needed for New Bill to Repeal Selective Service: HR 5492

The Center on Conscience & War (CCW) supports HR 5492. Introduced by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL), HR 5492 would repeal the...

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