Regulations and Laws on Military Draft Registration (Selective Service) by State

Driver’s License Linked to Registration? Yes, applicants for license or permit may register.

Registration Linked to Access to Higher Education? Yes, must be registered to receive state financial aid.

Registration Required for State Employment? Yes, must be registered for state employment.

HB 1265 (2002), states that male applicants for a permit or a driver’s license between the ages of 18 and 26 are allowed to register with the SSS. “The application shall provide appropriate space for completion by the applicant to indicate his desire to register with the Selective Service.” (Missouri Revised Statute 302.169) Anyone who is required to register with SSS must provide proof of registration to qualify for employment, or “state-supported scholarships, programs for financial assistance for postsecondary education or loans insured by any state agency.” (Missouri Revised Statute 105.1213)