Latter Day Saints (Mormons) Church of Christ

Whereas, We, the Church of Christ, with headquarters on the Temple Lot, at Independence, Missouri, are opposed to war as declared in our Articles of Faith and Practice, paragraph 21, which reads as follows:

We are opposed to war. Men are not justified in taking up arms against their fellows except as a last resort in defense of their lives and to preserve their liberty.

Therefore be it

Resolved, That this Church of Christ shall ever promote the proposition that war is in opposition to the best interest of man and God, whose will it is that man shall not kill, and that this Church of Christ does hereby lodge with the government of this country a proclamation of its stand upon these principles;

And be it further

Resolved, That this Church of Christ shall ever actively endeavor, through the medium of correspondence, or if it be necessary, through the efforts of special delegations, to gain for its people the right and privilege to be exempt from active combat duty, if they so choose, and to give their service, when called upon, in non-combatant positions, whereby they can render a greater and more complete service to God, to mankind, and to their country.

(Bill No. 1, 1951)

For further information, contact: Church of Christ, General Headquarters, PO Box 472, Independence, MO 64051-0472. Email:

Community of Christ (formerly Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)

The purpose of the church is to proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love and peace. In 1984 the church built a Temple at its international headquarters in Independence, Missouri dedicated to the pursuit of peace, reconciliation and healing of the spirit. Since 1874, the church’s seat inspired by Isaiah 11, has proclaimed peace as follows:

Now an international church with a presence in over fifty nations, and a mission of peace and justice, what about military service? The church has from its earliest beginnings strongly affirmed individual free will, conscience, or what is sometimes called agency. This also applies to the question of military service. The right of individuals to be sincerely motivated conscientious objectors, and register that objection with church headquarters, has existed by World Conference Resolution since 1960 and has been reaffirmed in 1968, 1970, 1974, 1982, and in 1996.* At the same time the church has affirmed the conscientious right of those who choose to serve in the military. As the 1996 resolution puts it:

[A] person making a decision of conscience either to participate or not to participate in military service has the respect, the support, and the ministry of the church.

A leaflet is available to help church members and friends who are citizens or permanent resident aliens in the USA. Called “Conscientious Objection and Military Service,” it outlines the various options available for conscientious objection and military service. A registration form has also been produced whereby a young person can register a statement of conscientious objection to military service with the Church Secretary at World Church Headquarters, PO Box 1059, Independence, MO 64051. It is possible to obtain copies of this leaflet and the registration form by writing to Peace and Justice Ministries, at the above address or calling (816) 833-1000.

Both conscientious objectors, as well as those serving in the military, will continue to have access to the full pastoral ministry of the church.

*The relevant world conference resolutions are as follows: 1960 (WCR 1020:3), 1968 (WCR 1061:IV), 1970 (WCR 1087:IV, VII), 1974 (WCR 1129), 1982 (WCR 1177:VI), and in 1996 (WCR 1249).

For further information, contact: Andrew Bolton, Peace and Justice Ministries, Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints, PO Box 1059, Independence, MO 64051; <>;