Regulations and Laws on Military Draft Registration (Selective Service) by State

Driver’s License Linked to Registration? Yes, applicants for a license MAY register.

Registration Linked to Access to Higher Education? No.

Registration Required for State Employment? No.

HB 1042, passed in 2007, allows anyone who “is less than twenty-six (26) years of age; and is or will be required to register” with SSS to “authorize the bureau to register him with the SSS” The application for a license includes warnings concerning the punishments and loss of federal benefits an unregistered male may incur.  However, the individual must affirmatively authorize the registration.  The law states that refusal to register will not be “a basis for denying the applicant driving privileges.” Anyone under 18 has the option to authorize registration when they turn 18.  (Indiana Code 9-24-9-5.5).