Resolved, the House of Bishop concurring, That this 67th General Conference of the Episcopal Church reaffirms the statement . . . calling Christian people everywhere . . . to engage themselves in nonviolent action for justice and peace and to support others so engaged, recognizing that such action will be controversial and may be personally very costly; and be it further . . .

Resolved, That this General Convention calls upon all members of this Church seriously to consider the implications for their own lives of this call to resist war and work for peace. . . .

Resolved [That] this Conference . . . declares its belief that nonviolent refusal to participate in or prepare for war can be a faithful response of a member of this Church and a decision to support or participate in war should be made only after careful and prayerful consideration.
(Resolutions, 1982)

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Episcopal Peace Fellowship

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship “supports war tax resistance as a witness for peace.”
(EPF Membership Pamphlet)

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