Universal Military Training

Whereas, We view with alarm the growing militarism in our country and its implications for our democratic way of life;

Therefore, Be it Resolved, That we reaffirm our previous actions opposing any permanent military conscription.

(An action of the Assembly, 1948) Conscientious Objectors

Whereas, Various official Christian bodies, including our council, have frequently called attention to the right of freedom of conscience as a basic tenet of our American way of life;

Therefore, Be it Resolved, That this Assembly call upon Congress to see that the rights of conscientious objectors to military service are at all times adequately protected under the law, and to release those now in prison because of conscience.

(An action of the Assembly, 1950) Universal Military Training

Voted, That we register again our opposition to permanent universal military training. We believe that there is danger that current legislation before Congress, embodied in an overall manpower bill with a suggested terminal date, will lead to the establishment of a permanent military peacetime training program. We therefore urge UCW to study this bill carefully and make their opinion known to their Representatives and Senators.

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