The Rev. Chris J. Antal, DMin, Unitarian Universalist

Board of Directors

As a US citizen, son of a Veteran of the US war in Vietnam, Veteran of the US war in Afghanistan, and professional religious leader, I have wrestled with the matters of conscience and war most of my life.

Although I refused to register for Selective Service for reasons of conscience, I eventually volunteered to serve as a military chaplain and was permitted to serve only after the Department of Defense granted me a moral waiver for failing to register. I deployed to Afghanistan, witnessed and learned about actions that outraged my conscience, and decided to speak up. I experienced retaliation for being a whistle-blower, successfully advocated with the help of a Congressional Inquiry and was awarded a long overdue promotion, but eventually resigned my commission in protest of policies and practices I could not in good conscience support.

I bring these life experiences to the Board. I also bring experience providing counsel to service-members and veterans and engaging religious communities in matters of conscience, war, and US militarism.