Legislation Would Force Young Men to Register for the Draft in order to get Driver’s License
SB 251 as introduced by Senator Lou Correa

SB 251, now under consideration in the California Senate, would automatically register young men with the Selective Service when they apply for a driver’s license. If this bill is passed, it would remove freedom of choice for young men in CA regarding Selective Service (draft) registration–which is an important matter of conscience and religious freedom for some. While the bill explicitly applies to those applying for a driver’s license, the same form is used to apply for a photo ID from the state. Without a photo ID one could not board an airplane or even purchase an Amtrak ticket! This law would virtually deny those who cannot in good conscience register with Selective Service the right to travel.

Young men are required by federal law to register with the Selective Service although currently no one is being drafted. Failure to register is a federal felony, and if convicted, non-registrants face serious penalties. But there have been no prosecutions since the mid-1980’s. Instead, the federal government and many states have adopted measures to coerce young men to register, and in fact California already requires registration compliance for admission to state colleges, obtaining state jobs, and receiving financial aid for education from the state.

A fundamental question to be asked to CA legislators is, if the federal government is not enforcing the SSS registration law, why should the state of CA expend money and effort to ensure compliance?

What You Can Do

  1. Read SB 251:
  2. Send a message to your State Senator or State Representative and explain why you believe this bill should be defeated.
  3. To find the name and contact information for your State Senator, go to:

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