Regulations and Laws on Military Draft Registration (Selective Service) by State

Driver’s License Linked to Registration? Yes, must be registered to receive license or identification card.

Registration Linked to Access to Higher Education? Yes, must be registered to receive state financial aid, loans, or acceptance into a state funded institution of higher education.

Registration Required for State Employment? Yes, must be registered for state employment.

Act 78 of 2001 (SB 83) mandates that all male applicants for a driver’s license or identification card between the ages of 18 and 26 be registered with the SSS.  Submitting the application for a license indicates prior registration or authorization for the Department of Finance and Administration to forward information to the SSS.  The receipt for the application must indicate that consent was given to share registration information with the SSS at the time of application.  (Arkansas Code 27-16-507)  Arkansas Code 6-80-102 requires registration with SSS to receive state financial aid.  Arkansas Code 6-80-104 states, “No person who is required to register with the Selective Service System shall be eligible for employment by any agency of the State of Arkansas or for admission to any public institution of higher education unless the person has signed a statement of selective service status.” The “statement” is that they have either registered or are not required to register.