A joint statement opposing military draft registration from Beachy Amish, The Brethren Church, Brethren in Christ U.S., Bruderhof, Church of the Brethren, Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC), Evana Network, LMC (Lancaster Mennonite Conference), Mennonite Central Committee U.S., Mennonite Church USA, Mennonite Mission Network, Old Order Amish Church, and the Old Order Mennonites.

“Following the teaching in Matthew 5 and in accordance with Jesus’ example, we are called to love our enemies, do good to those who hate us, pray for those who persecute us, refuse to violently resist the evildoer, and forgive as we have been forgiven. As conscientious objectors, we believe Jesus commands reverence for each human life since every person is made in the image of God. In following Jesus, we serve in ways that build up, nurture, and encourage rather than destroy. Our opposition to war is not cowardice but an expression of Christ’s forgiving love as shown on the cross. We see ourselves as ambassadors of peace.”


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