Alternatives to Military Enlistment

Do you want to join the military?

Are you having doubts about joining the military?

Want to travel and see the world?

Want to do something for your country?

Having trouble deciding if you can kill someone?

Want to help people and benefit society?

Want to get money for college?

Suspicious of military recruiters’ promises?

Want to launch your career and gain leadership skills?

Want to gain experience in a given field?

Looking for an exciting and interesting job?

Is the possibility of deployment to a war zone worth it?

None of the Army’s fancy brochures mentions that there are two wars going on and they never say you stand a good chance of getting hurt or even killed. Their brochures leave out the long tedious hours, the low pay, the mandatory eight-year enlistment contract and the fact that you can’t quit if you don’t like it.

The brochures also say if you join the Army you’ll earn up to $70,000 for college; if you join the military, college is all but paid for. However, most recruits do not receive any education benefits from the military! And those that do, most of them don’t see anything close to $70,000. Enlisting in the armed forces is more likely to set your educational goals back than you, or a recruiter, might think. You can find an easier way to pay for college.

The basic pay rate for a new enlistee in the Army is about $350 per week. From that, you’ll pay Federal Income Tax, Social Security, Medicare, and State Taxes. The military will foot the bill for you room, board and health care. In return, they’ll own you.

Do you think you could find an adventurous job without joining the military if your life depended on it?

You could be a merchant marine in the Mediterranean, work on oil wells in the Middle East or fish for King crab in the Bering Sea. Maybe you’d like to volunteer to feed the hungry in Africa or build homes for the poor right here at home? Perhaps a job at a resort on a tropical island or working on a cruise ship would be more to your liking than joining the military. You’d make more money than the military, you could quit if you didn’t like it, and you wouldn’t have to kill anyone or be told when to use the bathroom.

Some of these positions require a college degree and/or experience, but a great deal do not. Don’t get discouraged. People often end up with a very narrow search that fails to provide results. If you have a high school diploma, you can type “high school” when you’re prompted for keywords and you’ll find jobs that require a high school diploma.

You’ll also see commercial sites, educational sites, financing college, apprenticeships, religious & non-profit organizations and a huge variety of positions around the country.

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